What is the best bed bug killer?

Do you suspect bed bugs; you may also ask the question. What is the best bed bug killer? In this article, we will talk about the different ways to kill bed bugs and which is the most effective.

Over 400 products and treatment options exist for dealing with insect infestations of various kinds. For bed bugs, not all treatment options are handy. The best products include sprays, powders, and many more. However, your ideal product may not be the problem but your treatment approach. For instance, treating your home with chemicals may work, but in the wrong hands, it can be toxic and ineffective.

Nevertheless, here are the best bed bug killer treatments:

Bed bug heat treatment

This treatment may perhaps answer your question, ‘what is the best bed bug killer”. This is because this treatment is the most popular due to its low-risk, non-toxic attribute. This treatment does not put your home or family in harm’s way. You can also use your home within four hours after the procedure. The bed bug heat treatment involves the use of portable heaters to spread hot hair around the house up to 120oF and then holding the temperature for about 3 hours. The procedure is very effective because it gets rid of bed bugs in all stages.

Bed bug insecticide treatment

There are unique insecticide formulations that can eliminate bed bugs. You can use them on your own, but due to their toxic nature, it is best to live to the application to the professionals. Make sure you pick insecticides specially formulated for bed bugs to ensure that you eliminate bed bugs in all stages.

Bed bugs fumigation

You can also get rid of bed bugs by fumigating your home. This eliminates all kinds of pests from your home. It is also highly effective for removing bed bugs from your home entirely in one treatment. However, fumigation is extremely toxic for you and your family. You may need to evacuate your family, pets, and plants for a few days.

Bed bugs steam treatment

You can also eliminate bed bugs by using steam. Steam kills all bed bugs, including eggs, larva, and cocoons. This treatment is also used primarily in combination with insecticides for treating mattresses, furniture, and box springs, which prohibit insecticide application. Steam is also non-toxic and effective.


Freezing is fast becoming one of the best bed bug killers. It is a non-toxic pest control method that involves the use of a cryolite machine to release CO2 at -110oF. It leaves no residues and is perfect for your furniture and almost anything in your home (except electronic items).

When asked, “What is the best bed bug killer?”, the shortest answer is there is no best treatment. Nevertheless, make sure you kill bed bugs by calling the professionals. They can effectively use any of these bed bug treatments to eliminate bed bugs thoroughly from your home. In no time, you can say good-bye to the annoying bugs and welcome that goodnight sleep you deserve.

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