What to do if you find bed bug eggs

What to do if you find bed bug eggs?

When looking for bed bugs, questions like “What to do if you find bed bug eggs?”, may be a major concern. In this article, we will talk about how to identify bed bug eggs and remove them from your home. Adult bed bugs are tiny and difficult to find. The bed bug eggs are even smaller and usually the size of a mustard seed. Eggs are off white, oval-shaped, and often found in clusters. They also have a strong glue-like substance that attaches the eggs to surfaces and makes it difficult to find, move, or remove them.

Therefore, the chances of finding bed bug eggs on your own are very slim. You need a flashlight and a magnifying glass to identify the eggs. You may also need a stick to pull out eggs from hiding places because the sticky substance makes them harder to detach. To find eggs quickly, look for signs of slightly “wet spot” areas in all potential hiding places. Remember to wear protective gloves when looking for bed bug eggs.

Where do I find bed bugs or their eggs?

Apart from the eggs, look for other signs of bed bugs. Generally, you may find small black spots (bed bug excrement’s) and pale skin of bed bug nymphs in the same position you find the eggs. Check around cracks and crevices for these signs.

Remove the duvet and bed lines and shake out for any signs of bed bugs. Check around the mattress seams, zippers and gaps for bed bugs infestations. Use your stick to do a keen search for bedbugs and their eggs around the bed frame or the wall where your bed rests. You should also check for rust-colored (blood) stains from bed bugs.

What do I do if I find bed bug eggs?

When you find bed bugs eggs and other signs of bed bugs, the next step is to treat your home. Here are some methods to try:

  • You can use heat to treat your clothes, furniture, bed frames, and other parts of your home to kill the eggs.
  • Use an HEPA rated filter and a vacuum to eliminate bed bug eggs from your home. They may not kill the eggs but they make it easier to remove from the home. Remember to secure the disposable bag and keep it outside your home.
  • Wet or dry steam cleaning can also kill bedbugs and their eggs. Treat your bed frames, furniture, baseboards, carpets, and hiding places at a temperature of 130oF without forceful airflow to get them out.

Finding or killing bed bug eggs on your own is very difficult. You need to have a keen eye, patience and a lot of experience to get them out. A pest professional knows where to look and what do to eliminate bed bug eggs from your home. Although you may need repeated treatments, the number of treatments would be fewer than blindly trying to get rid of the infestations on your own.

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